Langdon Jr./Sr. High School

Langdon Recreation Centre

The Langdon Community Association and the numerous affiliated groups and organizations in the Langdon area are committed to ensuring that all residents have access to active living opportunities that support physical and social health and foster community vibrancy. Dating back well over a decade, the development of a community recreation facility has been identified as a being important to achieving this goal. In conjunction with the development of the Langdon
Quad Ball Diamonds Facility and the new high school there presents an opportunity to create a dynamic and multi-purpose community campus that will support the continued growth and evolution of the community and surrounding areas.

The Langdon Recreation Centre received $100 000 in design funding from Rocky View County in the Spring 2020, but that has been on hold until the completion of the Rocky View County Master Recreation Plan. This plan is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2020. 

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The Langdon Multi-Court Project will be two full size tennis courts with standard buffer zones in modified end to end layout located behind the south diamond in Langdon Park.  As well, as one high school basketball court. Within the basketball court is two large rebound walls to accommodate multiple person warm-ups and the ability to coach dynamic footwork. Court layouts will also accommodate users looking to play pickle ball, paddle and a variety of other sports. Multiple benches between the courts allow users to get ready or take a break between games or shifts, without the benches being associated with just one court. NOTE: Landscaping is conceptual and not designed or approved

The Langdon Jr./Sr High School was approved for build funding by the Alberta Government in the Spring of 2020. This school will be located on the Southwest side of the Langdon Community Campus. This school is a much need amenity in Langdon to keep up with our growing youth population.  The building is a two-story 8,465m2 building with an opening capacity of 900 student spaces. Its main level will have three wings - CTS/Arts (cosmetology, fabrication, automotive, drama, dance, band, and multi-media), Academic (two pods of four classrooms that open to two separate breakout studios and Gym and Fitness Studio in the third and a central area will be a student hub (learning commons, gathering space, life skills, learning supports, counsellor offices and servery) The upper floor will be a replica of the lower floor’s ‘academic wing’, as well as six classrooms off a ‘super-lab’ (for science labs, art projects, etc.) and a smaller hub (learning commons, student gathering, teacher collaboration spaces, and break out areas - some will have a windows to the lower learning commons). It is schedule to open September of 2024. For more information contact Rocky View Schools