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 Welcome to the Adopt-A-Planter Webpage!

 We had another fabulous year in the program, thank you to all of our volunteers!  Our planter program kicked off the  year in June with a total of 27 planters planted along Main Street, from the 4-way stop to the fire hall. The Langdon  sign (at the 4 way stop) and the field house flower boxes were also planted to incorporate this seasons colors -  purple, red, yellow, and white. The Langdon sign will continue to be upgraded to replace trees, shrubs, and plants  more suited to handle the wind.

 The Adopt-A-Planter program would not be successful without the community volunteers. The LCA has been so  fortunate to have an amazing group of volunteers dedicating their time, energy, and love of gardening to adopt one of  the 27 planters and caring for the plants within it. We had new and returning volunteers this year, which made not  only the program enjoyable, but the Beautification role that much more fun. Each year, we look for creative ways to  improve the program, and make the planters something the community can be proud of and admire. Thank you to our  additional community volunteers and businesses that assisted us with the watering of the Langdon sign planter box  and weeding of the field house.

 Now that the season is coming to a close, we would like to encourage the community to assist us with the competition  and vote for your favorite planter. This year we will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize. The volunteers will be  gathering at the end of September to celebrate the season, provide feedback, and to show appreciation for their  efforts in making the program such a success.‚Äč

Resonating the beauty of its residents

Every year, the LCA is responsible for finding creative ways to beautify the community. One of our biggest projects toward beautification, is the "adopt a planter" program.

Short on budget, but never short on heart, the LCA has been so fortunate to have an amazing group of citizens, dedicate their time,  energy and love of gardening, to adopting one of our 29 planters, and caring for the plants within it, thus beautifying our community.  Every year, we look for creative ways to improve the program, and make the planters something the community can be proud of and a  admire.

For the last three years, 2013-2015, we have had a "best planter" competition, which has brought out the competitive spirit in our  group and added another dimension of fun to the program.
Our goal for 2016, is to, "go big or go home". We hope to not only improve the look of the planters, but also make some much needed  updates to the flower beds and planters at the field house.

If you have an interest in gardening, and you would like to take part in beautifying your community, please, come and join the LCA  beautification team, and lets make Langdon resonate, the beauty of its residents.

LCA Adopt a Planter Program