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Every year, the LCA is responsible for finding creative ways to beautify the community. One of our biggest projects toward beautification, is the "Adopt-A-Planter" program.

Short on budget, but never short on heart, the LCA has been so fortunate to have an amazing group of citizens, dedicate their time, energy and love of gardening, to adopting one of our 29 planters, and caring for the plants within it, thus beautifying our community.

Every year, we look for creative ways to improve the program, and make the planters something the community can be proud of and admire.  In celebration of Canada's 150th, the program will include a variety of colors along with red and white to celebrate the diversity of Canada.  Thanks to additional sponsors, we will have Team shirts, additional soil to replenish the planters, and donated soil buckets for each volunteer.

The "best planter" competition is up for grabs again this year.  Last year's sponsors included Jubilee Landscaping and Construction, Garden Scents Greenhouse, and  Bloomfield Garden Centre.  If you would like to sponsor a prize please let me know.

Our goal this year to to 'beautify' the Langdon Sign box.  Keep your eye out for some exciting stuff happening in that area.

If you have an interest in gardening, and you would like to take part in beautifying your community, please, come and join the LCA beautification team, and lets make Langdon resonate the beauty of its residents.  TEN (10) PLANTERS LEFT!!! Don`t miss out!



Resonating the beauty of its residents

LCA Adopt a Planter Program