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​                                                Expectations of the Candidates

1.       They must register for the Forum by emailing prior to September 22nd, 2017.

2.       Please send a bio of 200 words or less along with a picture to prior to September 22, 2017,

3.       Expectation that minimally, candidate makes telephone contact (in person would be better) with their designated Youth Leader, in order to meet one another and for the candidate to outline their top priorities as well as why they are running for office.  This is extremely important as a leader in the community to help prepare our next generation of leaders, as well as, to work as a community team for the growth and development of our youth.  The YELL Youth Council Forums are a tradition in SE Rockyview and the voting residents take it very seriously. (**Note:  Our Youth Leaders will not be assigned candidates until September 7, 2017.  Expect to hear from them within a few days after that.)

4.       Prepare a 1.5 minute maximum opening statement and 1 minute maximum closing statement.

5.       Be prepared to answer both ‘Yes/No’ and open ended questions (30 seconds maximum for each answer).

6.       Candidates will be seated in two groups – Counsellor and School Trustees.  Each group will be seated in alphabetical order, beginning with the first letter of their surname.

7.       Candidates should arrive at least 15 minutes but no more than 30 minutes early to meet the MC(s), the Moderator and the Youth Leaders.  Each Candidate will be provided a ___X___ table on which to place pamphlets, signage, etc.

​        2017 All Candidates Forum Question Rules (for public submission)

1.       Questions for the 2017 Municipal Elections are to be submitted via online submission at

2.       Questions may be submitted between the dates of September 1, 2017 and September 30, 2017.  Questions submitted before or after that period will be discarded.

3.       An independent moderator will be appointed to review the questions and will be the only person with access to see the questions before the event.  No Candidates, Synergy staff or their representatives will see the questions ahead of the Forum.

4.       Any questions with abusive language or language that is in opposition with the Canadian Human Rights Act will be discarded.

5.       Any questions asked in repetition will be consolidated.

6.       You may direct your question at a single candidate, at all candidates, at a specific group (ex. only Mayoral candidates), or for a random candidate to answer.  Clearly state in your email which candidate or group of candidates the question is intended for.  In the interest of time questions intended for all the candidates are best asked in a “yes” or “no” answer format.

7.       Relevant questions for each section of the forum will be drawn in random order.  As many questions, as possible, will be asked based on the time allotted.  We cannot guarantee all questions submitted will be asked.

8.       Only residents of SE Rockyview may submit questions.

9.       Questions from the audience will be permitted during the Forum if time allows

Submit Your Question (September 1st to 31st)

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